Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Wednesday so why do I think it's Thursday?

Do you have days where you don't know if you are coming or going?  I do and today is one of them.  I am blaming it on being sick with whatever it was that Little Man had.

I think it is like the sign in the picture.  You kind of understand (in a way) what it's saying, but you don't quite know for sure.  I think that's what my body is doing to me at the moment; it's telling me something and I'm not quite reading the signs.  Or paying attention to them.  I'm sick.  I thought it was a 24 hour thing but it's not.  Okay, I get it.  Now let's get me better and get on with things! (BTW, this photo was taken in Port Vila last year outside a little supermarket near the fruit and vegetable market.  I wonder if they have a problem with staff hanging out around the trolleys?)

I think it is stress from the whole house sale thing.  We still have not sold the house, the owner of the other house we want (and had a verbal agreement on to buy) has now put the house back on the market.  I think they're sick of waiting.  But, I think they're making a mistake because they had their house on the market for a year with not a single offer, and it is definitely a buyer's market right now.  Now, if we get a contract on our house and we  put a contract on theirs, they will be up for agent's commission.  Which means less money for them than if they had have waited for us.  But, that's their choice.  I just wish we were told first rather than discover it in the weekend paper! 

I have signed up for tuck shop duty at school where my children go.  They (the children) are so excited.  Tuck shop is a rare treat for them so their thinking is that if I'm on duty they'll get tuck shop.  I don't know yet!  They have an online ordering system and you can set up a credit with your credit card or savings card etc, and use that to pay for your orders.  I like that considering I rarely ever carry cash.  I visited the tuck shop this morning to say hello to the convener, so next week I shall be 'on duty'.   I have yet to work this year, so it will give me something to do as well as a bit of knowledge about the 'inner workings' of the school if I get booked to work there.  I'm eager to don my apron and get going!  

I had to get groceries this morning.  What would normally take one hour dragged out to two hours.  I don't know how that happened, but I did get half way through the aisles and realise I was only half way!  And I did consider phoning The Groom and asking him to come and take me home.  Maybe it's because it must be pension day and I was surrounded by old ladies in their pretty floral dresses, but I was suddenly overcome by the need for a nap.  At 11am!  Yep, I'm sick.  And when I'm sick and I know that I'm sick, I turn into a little baby and get sulky and grumpy.  It makes a nice change from being a strong, 'able to shake off small sniffles in a single sneeze' mummy.  

I'm off for my nana nap.  Or maybe just read my new book on plants of Tropical North Queensland.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hope you feel better soon! I've been sick this week too. A yucky stuffy head cold! The heavy headedness has passed, thank goodness, but I'm still stuffed up. Spent the day (sans kids) trying to finish my mother-in-law's birthday present...I didn't get there though... Sending you healthy vibes!!!

  2. Thanks. There must be something definitely going around. Your symptoms sound like mine. I'll send healthy vibes back to you, too. Good luck with your present making.


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