Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cheep Cheep

After having chickens for the past couple of years we decided a few months ago to buy a rooster, Reginald, the Rhode Island Red rooster.

Otherwise known as Reg (unless he's in trouble then it's Reginald).

Our ladies are commercial breeds and didn't think they'd be likely to go clucky.

Except one did.

One Of The Three Misty's did.

Just to clarify, we have 4 black Australorp crosses.

First, we had Misty.

Then we got given three more and they were all identical so it was hard to tell them apart.

I got lazy, they were all called Misty, too.

Hence, One Of The Three Misty's.

So, one of the Three Misty's decided she wanted nothing more than to become a mummy chicken.

We built her a 'nursery' out of the children's old cubby house, upturned it and surrounded it with mesh and found an old gate to use as a door.

We relocated their nesting box to the nursery, much to the disgust of the other ladies who have now been relegated to plastic packing crates to lay in (although they seem to prefer a milk crate turned on its side and filled with hay).

She's been sitting for about 4 weeks now.

Our fingers are crossed she'll have babies of her own soon.

It's our first time to have baby chicks so we have no idea of what to expect.

Last night I saw that one of the eggs had been chipped and was at the back of the clutch.  

I expected to find a little chick tucked away under her this morning but I found this.

I don't think it's made it.

Time will only tell.