Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mindless ramblings of a tired mum

I am so tired.  I don't know why, I think it is just the weather we have been having.  It has been overcast and raining for so long, I think I'm just missing the sun.  I don't know how people living in Britain cope without seeing the sun for longer periods than I have.

Last night The Princess, Little Man and I went to dinner at Sizzler.  I don't know why we even go there anymore, unless it's for the convenience of being able to eat pretty much as soon as we walk in.  The salad bar and the meals are so expensive now, and there is little variation and real choice on the salad bar.  Our favourite place to eat out at is Cactus Jacks, so we should have just gone there instead.  But, we had people coming at 5.30pm to view our house (a ridiculous time for a viewing when you have children, but the house is for sale so you have to accommodate potential purchasers), so I didn't want to be out for too long as they go to bed at 7.30pm.  

We haven't heard back from the agent about the viewing other than the people weren't overly interested unless it was "the right price".  I don't know how much more right the price can get, considering we've now dropped our asking price by $40,000 because we are committed to another house!   Unfortunately for us, it is a buyer's market right now.  There were 12 less pages in the real estate guide last weekend than there was in the entire Saturday paper (not including the cars lift out and racing guide).  I'm just so over people wasting our time.  You either like a house or not, so why bother disrupting people's lives if it's not suitable?  It's not like it's a 'mystery' house and you don't know what it looks like before you go there.    Okay, rant is over.  Smile serenely and listen to trickling water from the pond outside and the birds tweeting.

The house is spic and span again, so there is really nothing to clean today.  I should clean the fans but I can't find the ladder to get to them.  I think I'm actually bored!  I can't get out all of my sewing stuff today because we have another open house on Saturday, and I have friends coming over tomorrow to pick over old school uniforms of the children's.  I've got no gardening to do and all the washing is done.  I do need to wash the doonas but can't do ours until the threat of rain has gone - it's a king sized doona and has to go on the outside line to dry.  I think I shall make myself some sardines on toast, a cup of decaf coffee and vege out in front of the tv to watch the morning news and then Dr Phil and Oprah before picking up the children from school.

Oh, and I'm so glad to have heard from Lena, who won my "Amber" bag.  She's even considering making something to gift to another, which is brilliant.  And, I'm so excited to have THREE whole followers of my blog.  I cannot believe that people are interested in my ramblings to come back to my blog time and again!  Thank you to all of you.


  1. I know the agony of having buyers come through your house too - and I have never owned one! As a renter one of our previous homes went up for sale and despite our own wishes we had to keep it clean and let people wander through our lives, looking at our stuff as if it were for sale along with the house. Still ... I am hoping one day to BE that person who goes looking at houses to buy! One day! Good luck with it all, but I don't like your chances at getting that doona washed and dried. Maybe a trip to the dry cleaners is in order!

  2. Hi, Just wanted to drop a line to wish you the best of luck in your house selling adventure. Hope someone falls in love with your house and makes you a wonderful offer. Have had a great arvo looking around your blog. Thanks for sharing, Deb

  3. Thanks to you both for your comments. It is good to read positive comments about our house. We love our house and don't want to sell it, but we want to move to another property with loads of land. If only we could put our house on the back of a truck and just move it, that would be perfect.

    Lavendilly, I had an Alert text advising of a severe thunderstorm warning or something like that, so I doubt I'll get my doona washed soon. I don't want to take it to the dry cleaners (too dear and the chemicals are yucky), but it may be in for a trip to the laundromat if it gets too bad!


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