Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A new beginning

This morning I took the children to their interview at their new school for next year.  I am looking forward to them going, and the school will be more than happy for me to do some work teaching there when they need a relief teacher, but the children are more excited that I have also volunteered to help out in the tuck shop when I can.        Once I have forwarded their Baptism certificates to the school we get our formal letter of acceptance.  There are lots of things that have been packed away while our house is for sale, and that is one of them!  The children are a little bit unsure about making new friends and fitting in but I am sure that will pass, especially after the first couple of days of the new term next year.  I have promised to take them to the uniform shop after school today so they can try on their new uniforms and we will lay-by them until next year.  They have also been promised new bags (my daughter has had hers for almost five years) and lunch boxes.  

I have been busily reading Chook Wisdom and searching through internet pages for ideas on chicken houses.  I'm tending to lean toward a moveable pen than can be placed in various parts of the paddock where I will have the vegetable garden, but I also like the idea of a fixed house for them, too.  I guess much of the final decision will come down to what the Groom will be prepared to build for me and them!  I'm really good at the vague descriptions bits of my ideas and he's brilliant with putting them into reality.  I do love the Groom very much!  In the 'big clean-up' I have somehow managed to lose my Green Harvest catalogue so next week I might browse online and think about some of the things I want to order for my new garden.  

It is another dreadfully hot day today.  My red dog is asleep on the floor beside me, snoring softly.  Since losing Lily she is quite the spoiled princess.  The Groom doesn't want me to turn her into a sooky dog, but I think she's long past that!  After Lily's disappearance we realised the value of not just having them microchipped and having their Council registration tag attached to their collars, but also an engraved name tag with our telephone numbers on it.  So, yesterday I went to Mister Minit and chose a lovely blue metal disc and had Rosie's name and both of our mobile telephone numbers engraved on it.  The man even engraved some cute little paw prints on it around her name.  How lovely.  It was only after I got home with it that I should have chosen a red tag - Rosie, roses, red... oh well.

I hope everyone is prepared for Christmas and have allowed time to relax.  I picked up the children's Christmas presents off lay-by yesterday and promptly returned four of the items.  I don't think roller blades and scooters are really suitable now for a bush block.  We will get them new bicycles instead, or rather, Father Christmas will.  I am just hoping someone will hurry up and make an acceptable offer on our house so we can move to our new place.  That would be the best Christmas present aside from having Lily come home.
Merry Christmas!