Friday, February 12, 2010

It's here! My little bag give-away!!!

Ta Da...

I have finished my sewing today in order to get some housework done before picking up The Princess and Little Man from school, so here is the bag I have chosen to gift to a lovely reader.  I call it the "Amber" bag, in honour of MamaMoontime.


You'll have to excuse my dreadful lighting, it's been storming here for the past couple of days so there's no sunlight, only my ceiling lights, to show off this pretty little bag.

The bird is the Wendy bird pattern from Lolly Chops.  I love her stuff, it's so cute.  

I will be upfront and confess that I am not a perfect sewer, my seams and cutting has never been straight and measuring rarely enters my mind before I start cutting.  But, this bag is made with care and grace.  And I think it looks cute to boot!  Perfect for those impromptu shopping trips or just because you want to take it out.

I've done some shocking sewing projects over the years that I've been sewing (since I was a child actually), including my pouffy-sleeved 80's formal dress that looked lovely at the time but heaven's above - what was I thinking with all that pouff???  So, I'd love to hear from you about your hand-made home-made disasters.  And be sure to add me to the blogs you follow as I'm sure I'll have lots more to give away over time.  I'll be reading your comments and I'll let you know who gets to 'adopt' Amber on Tuesday.  

Sssshhhh, just don't look too hard at the seams!


  1. This bag is so beautiful you have done a lovely job making it. I have recently just bought a sewing machine. I haven't used it much (shame on me). Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hi Maryann
    What a lovely post. I feel super honoured to have a bag made in my name! I wanted to tell you too, that I LOVE MILLY MOLLY MANDY!!!
    I searched everywhere for years to track down the book (and nearly stole it from a library in Adelaide in 1998 when I was travelling around Oz but my conscience got the better of me!). I finally found a compendium in Tasmania, and treasure it like gold. I'm pleased to see that they have re-released the series. All my kindy children have heard many a MMM story for inspiration, and we even made up a morning circle about one of her adventures!!

  3. Amber, we got ours through one of the book club catalogues that come out at schools for the kids to choose from. Ours is a compedium too, but I can't remember how many stories, but I love the sketches in it. When we get our sheep/goats I want to name them Milly, Molly and Mandy.

  4. Oh, how did I not see this post!!!!! What a gorgeous little bag! Congratulations Lena! I expect to see you with it at school!! Well done, Barefoot Bride, it's beautiful. Did you handsew the bird?

  5. Thank you for stopping by, Ravenous Reader. And thank you for your comment. I appreciate it.

    EM, oh, how did you not see this post????? Thanks for thinking it's gorgeous. I'm sure Lena will let you check it out at school. I made an owl one for my aunty and I can't wait to send it to her. I haven't told her I made one nor that it's on its way to her. No, I didn't hand sew it, it was machine appliqued, I'm too lazy to hand sew unless it's really really really necessary!

  6. Hi there... I'm fairly new to the craft world... I always had projects on the go as a kid, and have dabbled in some painting and beading, but just recently decided to make some drawer-string bags for my kids toys. I don't have a machine, so hand-sewed them all. Personally I think there's something really beautiful about a crooked, raggedy hand-stitched seam... But subconsciously that might come from my complete inability to work a sewing machine... And, by the way, your lovely 'Amber' bag leaves mine for dead!! I will definitely check out Lolly Chops site as I love the bird applique... Would love to (try to) paint something similar.. So pleased to have stumbled across your blog : ) El

  7. Thanks, EL, for your comments. I agree that there's something beautiful about crookedness and raggedy. I think it says "I did it for you", rather than "I bought it for you". My kids love anything I make, so that means the world to me (although sometimes they prefer tuckshop lunch to a home-made sandwich!).

    I love Lolly Chops so I hope you find a lot of stuff there to inspire you.

  8. Amber told me about your lovely blog - and how honoured she was to have a give-away named after her. I couldn't help but to stop by and take a peek! I might have to drop by more often in case I miss out on any more cuties like this one :)

  9. How gorgeous! I also heard about your bag on Amber's blog. I've also been inspired to sew some bags lately. I love your little bird and how the handles match. Lovely.

  10. Hi savvychic. Thankyou for taking the time to write about my bag. Amber's blog must be so popular - I'm getting most of my readers through her site! It's a good thing there's no commission!

    Actually, the handles don't match exactly, but it is in a shade of pink so I guess that counts.

    Thanks again for stopping by.


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