Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We finally 'gave away' our home

Well, it's done and dusted.  

Last night we signed the contract to sell our house - for a ridiculous $70,000 less than what we originally asked for.  We're unhappy about doing so, but had to weigh up whether it was worth holding out longer for not much more, or cutting and running.  Which we ended up doing.  

Don't get me wrong, we didn't 'lose' on our house, we owed little compared to many others, but what we made was profit that we could have used to further reduce the mortgage we'll take out on the next house.  And to spend towards renovations etc.  

But, it's done now and it's time to start letting go.  On the bright side, I won't have to have the house in a constant show-room standard!  For the rest of the month, until settlement, I refuse to clean anymore fans, walls, showers etc.  

Because we feel we gave away our home we have decided not to leave the spare floor and wall tiles here, or the shade sails over the cubby.  If we aren't legally required to leave it, then it's coming with us.  I'm sure I can use the tiles somewhere at the next place - a nice tiled chicken coop would look lovely I'm sure!

So, now is the dreaded start to the 'getting things ready for moving' phase.  Notifying utilities, businesses, subscriptions etc.  We probably won't get the phone connected out there for a while, and possibly do away with pay-tv even.  We'll see how we go I guess.  

I'm looking forward to starting on 'light' improvements to the next house like replacing ugly curtains, repainting icky colored walls etc.  The big stuff, like pulling out the yellow bathtub in the second bathroom and its mdf brown and white cupboard and sink, as well as getting rid of the ugly brown tiled corner spa with matching smokey mirrored tiles in the ensuite, and later the impractical kitchen cupboards.  

And once the wet season is over, start ripping out the copious amounts of 'mother-in-law's tongue' that's planted everywhere and all of the other horrid plants.  Most of the plants I want are to provide a purpose in some way, be it providing us with food, or attracting birds or butterflies etc.  

So while I'm sad to farewell our lovely home, I'm glad to be rid of the stresses of selling.  It's been a strain on us all.  Last night The Princess gave me a hug and said "no more 'psycho' mummy!"  That sums up how I've been the past three months!

I'm looking forward to sharing my journey in this blog so for now, while I am still sick, it's time for a hard earned rest until the moving nonsense begins.


  1. Oh, so glad you finally sold, but sorry you had to settle for less than you wanted. Just check your contract, or solicitor, for what is considered fixtures and fittings as far as what you can or can't take. I'm not sure you will be able to take things that are 'attached' to the house. We had a couple of issues with things like that when we sold. Good luck with the packing and moving. When is settlement, and will you still be able to get the house you originally wanted?

  2. Thanks for the tip. The agent said we can't take the curtains in the kids rooms because they would be considered to be part of the house unless it was stipulated earlier when people were looking (but I bet most people replace curtains anyway). The shade sails are attached by a clip to a round thing built into an external wall so they are not really considered fixtures. It's over the cubby, which we take, so we would argue it shades the kids and is not 'fixed'. I did get wise early on and take down the curtains in our bedroom and replaced them with ones from Spotlight before our first open house. We had ours made and the lace alone cost $100 a metre so there was NO way they were staying as they were my one indulgence when we built! Other than the dishdrawer in the kitchen. We settle on the 26th March and start moving out to the house we originally wanted in another week or so. I'm starting to get excited but well aware of all the work we have ahead of us to get the next place up to scratch. But that will come over time as funds and time allow.


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