Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Home is where your heart beats

It has been a long time since I last blogged.  

A lot has happened since then.

We've had our second trip to America.  
We visited Florida and went to Walt Disneyworld, which didn't overly excite us.
Universal Orlando was absolutely brilliant and we plan to go back there on our next trip to see the new part of Harry Potter.
We did another Disney cruise, visiting the Grand Cayman and Mexico, which we loved.
We really love Mexico and its food and people.
At Cozumel we tried Snuba and the kids had a ball.
The Princess developed a blood nose at Margaritaville after snuba that went for over 15 minutes, we assume it was from the equalising under water but she is prone to nosebleeds.
We visited New York City for about five days, five days is not long enough and we plan to return one day for a long visit.
Boo to the low life who stole our DSLR camera at JFK airport though, causing us to lose so many wonderful photos of our trip up to that point.

We spent time in Montana again with family for Christmas and New Years.
We went skiing and exploring.
After Montana we flew to Seattle and spent a few nights at The Camlin, exploring the Wharf area.

I loved Seattle and can't wait to go back!!
It's my second favourite city now, after San Francisco.

We drove the 101 back to Anaheim, the coastal drive took almost a week and the scenery was beautiful.
If you are reading this and you are from anywhere in that region, know that I am so envious of where you live!

Our trip finished up with Little Man and The Groom watching the Supercross at Angel Stadium, The Princess and I braving the MLK Day crowds at Disneyland and me and the kids doing the Neverland 5K with some of our American friends.  
The Groom spent his birthday dinner at Bubba Gumps with us (I chose the location but he wanted to go there too).
Five days at Disneyland is still not enough.

We've had more roosters since Reginald.  
I'm focussing on Dorkings and Light Sussex at the moment, experimenting with crosses of the two for meat purposes.
We've eaten a couple of the roosters but our flock is slowly increasing.

The vegetable garden has been a bit slow to start this year.
The Groom got a few truck loads of dirt and manure from a friend's cattle yard last year so it's been quietly maturing away in the back paddock until a few weeks ago.  
I have planted corn, tomatoes, silverbeet, sweet potato, herbs, capsicum, cucumber and strawberries and a few other things that I can't recall off the top of my head.  

We normally go camping on a cattle property over Easter but we didn't this year.
I'd had a stent put in to a coronary artery a week before after I 'failed' a stress test.
I had my car written off in an accident the month before when a car ran up the back of mine on the highway.
I had whiplash, back spasms and chest pains so the hospital made me do the treadmill stress test.  
I failed.
I got very dizzy and almost passed out.
I had an angiogram the following day and that's when the blockage was discovered.  

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I had a rare reaction to a medication which caused a heart attack.

Yep, a heart attack.

It's not a fun thing to have.

I'll write another post about what I experienced later but I'm doing okay.
It will be a long road to recovery but I will get there.
Sadly, one of our dogs had to be put down the night before I came home from hospital and a friend's sister-in-law died of pancreatic cancer the day I came home.

I have to, I booked another Disney cruise last month for next year and I WILL NOT miss it!

And yes, my cardiologist knows what I've done and he thinks I'm crazy anyway so he's all good with me going :)

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