Monday, February 8, 2010

The home stretch

I have yet to get around to writing on my favourite books, I realise.   For that I feel bad.  To me, books are one of the most important things in life and I despair of ever neglecting them.  I shall get around to writing that blog, I promise.

In North Queensland we have had a lot of rain, and it seems there is more to come.  According to the Weather Channel's 10 day forecast there is rain and storms predicted for every day of those 10 days.  Yay.  I do love the rain but after about a week or so it does get tiresome.  But we've had a week of no rain to speak of since the week before then when we had a week of the stuff.  

Our house auction is this week and we're so glad it's almost over.  We've had a number of ridiculously low offers, insulting and offensive, actually.  But, we've had five offers so that shows there is interest in our house.  At yesterday's open house a couple came back for the third weekend in a row.  They were one of the people who put in an offer, but it was way short of what we need to get out of here and into the next house.  I'm hoping that because there were five people interested enough in our house to put in offers there will be five people bidding against each other for our house.  Although, I do think the agent isn't working hard enough to talk the interest up on our house.  She keeps telling everyone to put in an offer based on what they would like to pay for our house - of course everyone is going to want to pay the least amount!  But, as they say come auction night, the proof will be in the pudding.  

We've decided that it's better for us to lower our reserve and aim for a sale than hold out for five or ten thousand more and possibly wait for months to get that price.  Our fear is that the owner of the property we will be buying will decide he can't wait anymore and we'll lose it.  We don't want to sacrifice our lifestyle plans for the sake of money towards a pool at the next house.

I have just received the folder of stuff from the agent with information and feedback from people who have viewed our house.  I need to digest it and decide what to do from there now.  

On another note, The Princess and I enjoyed a couple of days together in Brisbane where we watched Taylor Swift's concert.  The concert and the trip was an early birthday present for her.  It was a late night for her and the crowd and lights and volume became all too much for her in the end so just after the encore began, a tired and teary little girl decided it was time to catch the train back into the city and to our hotel for bed.  We had a lovely time together, just her and I, and I hope we can do it again soon.  I promised her that one day, when she is old enough to appreciate it, we will go to Paris together.  Hopefully I can keep that promise - maybe when the Euro is better placed against the Australian Dollar!

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