Monday, February 15, 2010

My "MamaMoontime" posy

I was so excited to receive this gorgeous posy, from MamaMoontime, in the post on Friday afternoon when I got home.  I had to dash off an email and tell her that it had arrived.  So, THANK YOU!!!!!  I am so humbled and grateful.

The Princess was given this for Valentine's Day, and she was so excited she almost burst into tears.  I think it will go beautifully in a white ceramic vase when we eventually move.  We're painting her next room in a lovely light aqua and the pink flowers will stand out against the aqua.  

I made this tablecloth last Thursday out of some fabric I had laying around.  I paid about $4 for 1.5m of fabric from Spotlight ages ago as it was an end-of-bolt deal.  It's not quite long enough to hang over the ends of the table, but I made it for the outdoor table really.  I'm going to find some wide, white Broderie trim and attach it to the edges.  I am not a big fan of green, but this apple green gingham is so cute and fresh looking.  And it goes well with the pink flowers!

On the table, next to the fruit bowl (the metal basket was a wedding present years ago and I made the inner basket myself out of the things palm seeds are attached to - thanks to Marion Gaemers who had a workshop and exhibition at the Strand Ephemera), are some napkins I was making last week.  I bought the linen at the half-price Lincraft sale and appliqued some lovely little birds on them.  It is all the same pattern but in different pink patterned fabric.  I'm quite pleased with them and have used them every night at dinner since.  I've got four others sewn up and waiting to be appliqued.  I am still deciding what to put on them.  Underneath the fruit bowl is a 'place mat' that I bought as a bundle of 6 for ONE WHOLE DOLLAR last month at Pillow Talk.  They all have white embroidered butterflies at each end and are so cute.  I don't think they are big enough for place mats so I'm using some as doilies and the rest I think I shall incorporate into other projects.  I think the gods have smiled on me lately!

We have had no luck on the home-selling front which is annoying.  There was 12 less pages in the real estate lift out than there was in the Saturday paper, so it is definitely a buyer's market.  Could everyone else please just not advertise their home this weekend and let us get a sale???  There are so many things I plan to do but just cannot while the house is for sale.  We do have two more lots of people coming through tomorrow evening, which means I have to load up the kids and dogs at dinner time and get something from a drive-through.  I'm hoping these people won't spend almost 1 and half  hours like another couple did one evening!

Don't forget to check out the bag I'm offering to give away in my last post.  I will contact the new owner tomorrow.  

I'm off to take out the mini-chocolate muffins I've been cooking.  Yum!

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