Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh so busy

I have been so grateful for the amount of work I've been given this term.  

It is week five and I've had one day of no work!

I'm booked for the rest of the week, too, and was booked for all of next week teaching two different classes.

Well, I was.

I got asked to take on an 8 week contract and I said yes.

The Groom just asked why I don't work full-time and be done with it all, but it's not what I want to do
(even though I've worked full-time hours this term anyway).

I don't want the hassle of planning, marking, assessing, reporting.

I don't want to spend hours after school at meetings.

I want my weekends to be my own and devote them to my children, husband, home or my garden.

Best of all, about this contract, I'll be teaching The Princess!

From 8am to 3pm, I get to put on my 'teacher' hat with her.

I hope she doesn't try and take advantage of it :)

I'm so honoured and surprised as I was recommended for the contract - usually short-term contracts are just offered to someone on a list of people who are interested in contracts.

My poor home, though, looks like a mess.

It's all I can do at the moment to keep up with the washing and cooking, so if I can't 'do it all' now, imagine what I'd be like if I worked full-time too!

I take my hat off to mothers who work full-time and manage to raise children and have a lovely, tidy home.

You're doing it better than I can!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Elastic waisted pants when you've eaten too much soup on Mother's Day.

Feeling so comfortable in your own skin that you wonder why it took you so long to feel that way.

Handmade cards from your children.

Corny presents chosen from the school Mother's Day stall but because they were bought with love and you in mind they are the best presents you have ever received in your life.

Laying in bed at night with an illicit Milky Way, eaten under the blankets, so you don't have to share any.

I've never been so content in my life.

I love being 40!

Monday, May 2, 2011

I have such a blessed life...

This is the beautiful sight that welcomed me on Easter Sunday.

The river where we camp was covered in fog.

I am amazed that the Easter Bunny found us in all of that fog.

Did you watch the Royal Wedding?

It was lovely and the dress was stunning.  

Now that it's over, we can all get on with the business of watching for the slightest hint of a baby bump!

I bought myself new pyjamas to watch the wedding in (well, one must be comfortably attired for these events).

I think my invitation was lost in the mail, otherwise I would have been there in a flash.

Little Man competed in a football carnival over the weekend.  

His team just missed out on making the semi-finals, but it's not about winning is it?

For the record, they had 6 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw.

Now, Little Man, The Princess and The Groom are out riding their motorbikes and I'm at home on my own.

I can eat ice-cream with as much topping as I like and not have to share!