Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring

The weather channel told me last night that we were expected to receive around 100ml of rain in a 24 hour period.  I got woken up just before 1am this morning to the sound of the rain hammering down on the roof.  That is not surprising for most people when it rains heavily, but we have a tiled roof and the airconditioner was on!  If we wake up to the sound of rain in our house it means that it is raining heavily.  Our house sits up higher than everyone else's in our street, and we have channel and grates around the house to divert any excess water out to the road gutters.  We are okay here.  But the roads this morning were nothing short of chaos!  This photo was just taken from the back patio (with a bit of zoom on to get 'over' the fence). Believe it or not, there is a mountain in the background of the photo.  You can just make the lower part out if you look carefully.  Actually, I love looking at the mountain when it is covered in cloud.  It's so restful and mystical almost.  

I have a bit of a busy day but because of the heavy rain I don't feel like going out.  I have to drive out to the airport to pick up a parcel of motorbike safety gear we ordered in from the U.S for Little Man (with postage, it worked out to be about $200 cheaper than to buy the same stuff here!).  Then I need to get to the post office to post a letter to my nan and a handmade bag (this one has an owl applique on it) to my aunty in Melbourne as well as Lena's "Amber" bag, then I need to buy a 20kg bag of dog food for my furry babies.  I dislike driving in the rain, we have only a couple of months when we really get a rainy season, so for most of the year we drive in perfect conditions.  I was sitting on the highway this morning doing 90klm with my lights on and wipers at full speed, barely able to see two cars ahead, yet I was still being overtaken by idiots who were going way too fast for the conditions.  I'm just hoping our highways don't get cut off by flood waters as they alway do when we get a lot of rain.  The Groom is away this week and comes home on Saturday, if they highway is cut to the north of us, then he'll be stuck up there.

I love the rain because it means that while it's raining there are no mosquitos and stifling humidity!


  1. I love the sound of rain too. We have a tin roof though, so even a light shower can be deafening! It's still humid here, but no rain predicted. My garden is overgrown with weeds, and now the flys and mozzies are in full swing! The joys...

  2. We've just had so much rain the ground is just over soaking it up I think.

    Townsville is cut off at the Bruce Highway just south of here. Bowen, which is about 200klm south of here is cut off in both directions. So far I don't know what the highway is like north of Townsville, but it is inevitable the highway will flood somewhere. It always does.

    While we lament the oversight by the Government of the Northern part of the state, in a way it's a good thing because it's nice to be away from the congestion of the SE! I don't miss the traffic at all down there! I just wish we had an Aldi, though, they said they won't entertain the idea of opening up here while the highway gets cut off for days on end.


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