Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wishin' and a Hopin'

I wish we had this kind of book shop where I live.  I wish on the day I went past Kay Craddock Antiquarian Bookseller in Collins Street, Melbourne, it was open so I could go in and lose myself in the smells and textures of the treasures within.  

There is a similiar book shop to this in Brisbane, called Tonnoirs, but I like the display of owls here.  Tonnoirs has narrow flights of stairs leading to magical worlds where the stairs are lined with stacked books.

Where I live we have the chain store book shops.  Oh, there is the Mary Who? shop but it's nowhere near the same as these wonderful worlds like I just mentioned.  

I write this because I had to go and pick up a few things from a shopping centre this morning and I really wanted to get some books that were 'out of the ordinary' but couldn't.  There wasn't anything 'out of the ordinary'. 
Even our op shops here are blah, there are no real treasures to be had.  I am envious when I read others' blogs and they show off their antique clothing, fabric or linen that they've discovered.  I miss the old Paddy's markets I used to go to in Brisbane, so when I head down there next time I'm going to scour the city in the couple of days I have there for treasures!

Instead, I shall reconcile myself to re-reading Wuthering Heights today while the children watch Coraline for the tenth time in the loungeroom.  It's another airconditioner day today.


  1. I would love that bookshop, if only for the owls in the window! I've been trying to find myself the perfect owl for some time. Op shops here are not great either! Actually not many great bookshops either!! I've taken to buying my books online because they rarely have the odd ones I like!

  2. There were 3 windows full of owls. I would have loved to have gone in and looked them over properly. They were beautiful! I don't collect owls, I am a 'discerning' elephant collector (have to be otherwise they'll take over the house), but owls are so cute.

    I'm still unsure about buying online, although my sister did track down my favourite Golden Book for me on ebay. I like to touch and feel things before I buy them.


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