Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A bit of a chuckle here and there...

We got the report from the real estate agent today on the 'feedback' from Sunday's viewing.  Let me just say it was amusing but very frustrating, with dash of optimism added for good measure.  Some people said the house is out of their price range (but there is currently no price on it as it's going to auction!!!???); another is looking for investment properties in the low $400k's; another said she liked the house but doesn't want to buy in this suburb (so you are here because...?); and, amusingly, another person said she wanted bigger rooms (sorry, love, I'll just whack on more square metreage for you while you wait).  On a positive note, two have indicated they would come to the auction.  Whether they turn up and bid or not is another matter.  So what have I learned from this exercise?  While I love my house others may not see it in the same light as I do, and everyone is out for a bargain, ourselves included when we were looking around for our next property.  Now the shoe is on the other foot and it's frustrating.  Oh well, my dream is on hold for yet another week.

Tomorrow The Princess will be attending an art workshop at a local gallery so Little Man and I have a few hours to ourselves.  I am trying to think of things to do with him that he is interested in, but sadly, our CBD mall is dead, uninviting and extremely unappealing.  I do have some errands to do that I can do in town, so once they are out of the way I think we shall head to the library or the museum until it is time to collect The Princess and then go home.  Mostly our aim will be to head to anywhere it is airconditioned or undercover.  It is hot and threatening to rain and being an open-air mall there's not a lot of places to escape to.  I also need to remember to pack her art smock and a light lunch for her.  Maybe there shall be some left over roast lamb from dinner tonight for a lamb salad or roll?

I'm itching to get back into sewing but I don't want to have to keep pulling out all of my stuff and then packing it away.  Instead, I've gone back to knitting more dishcloths to stockpile for Christmas gifts this year.  I hope to make some corn, cheese and chive muffins this afternoon since I'll be using the oven for the roast, and then I shall fold some washing after dinner is finished.  I just hope it doesn't rain tomorrow as we have a long walk into the mall - I refuse to pay for parking in a 'dead' place.  At least it is exercise for us all and we have umbrellas for 'just in case'.


  1. Good luck with the auction! I know what you are going through. We auctioned a property a few years ago, had a great turn out, but not one bid!! Extremely frustrating. Don't lose sight though. We ended up selling to one of the people who came to the auction, but were too nervous to bid!! What is with that?!?!?

    Enjoy your day tomorrow! I'm gathering you live in the tropics. We are on the Gold Coast and it has been stinking hot and humid today. Not a breath of wind, and no rain on the cards!!

  2. Hi, thanks for the support! We have a private viewing coming in today, I do hope they aren't time wasters, though. Your comment on your auction is exactly what I'm afraid of, but it's probably because I'd be thinking my house isn't 'popular' enough, so maybe if people are too nervous to bid that's probably easier for me to deal with!!!

    Yep, in the wonderful stinking hot humid tropics for me, although I moved here from Brisbane about 15 or 16 years ago - funnily enough it'd be too cold for me to go back after here. No rain here since last week but there's a low or something up in the Gulf that could promise something... here's hoping.


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