Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Latest Finds

Well, The Princess had her art workshop today so Little Man and I wandered around the mall, he in his new sneakers and me with my dodgy knee.  

The art Creation by The Princess is beautiful and ready to grace the wall in her new room when we move.  She put a lot of thought and effort into her work and she can't wait to show it to The Groom.

I found some wonderful treasures today while shopping.  

In an antique shop I came across a little wood and brass barometer.  The Groom has wanted one for ages.  Actually, the one I really wanted was $695 and really old and fancy, so I settled for a smaller, more simple version.  It is his birthday shortly so once I've gently cleaned it with an old toothbrush it should come up a treat.  Secretly, I coveted a copper Victorian bed warmer that was hundreds of dollars but as it rarely gets cold in the tropics I don't see how I could even begin to justify that purchase!  

In an op-shop I found two side plates by Wedgewood.  It is their "Avocado" range in yellow, both stamped.  One has a small chip on the edge but they are lovely.  They were $4.50 each.  I looked them up online when I got home and they are 1960's vintage.  Very cute even if they are not in my regular blue and white range.  I pictured them sitting on the outdoor table with a couple of ginger snap biscuits and a cup of coffee beside them.  

I picked up a linen hand embroidered and crocheted edged table cloth for $12.50.  I am soaking it in napisan at the moment and hoping the couple of feint stains in the linen disapper.  It is lovely and couldn't resist it.  The off-white linen goes well with the Wedgewood plates.

Little Man insisted on having a roulette game that cost $4.50.  I don't know why he would want it but I let him anyway.  It was more because he found a cute little stuffed teddy bear with a multi-colored jacket that he wanted to give to his sister that I agreed to buy the roulette.   He couldn't wait until she finished her art workshop to present her with the bear, it was so sweet.

I also found a $1 trashy novel for myself; a $3.50 Wilbur Smith novel for The Groom and a bunch of Pony Pals books for The Princess at $1 each.  So all in all, it was a lovely day - despite the massively long walk we had to undertake to avoid paying for parking.  But the best part of the walk was that I discovered a new fabric shop that holds quilting classes.  I've left my details so that I can be notified of their next lot of classes.  The fabric range was beautiful and my head is already filling with craft ideas!

Now I just have to get the house ready for tomorrow afternoon when the agent wants to bring a couple in to view the house.  Normally I'd tell them to come to the next open house, but you never know if this could be the person with a cheque book!

I'm off to wash the plates and then settle down with my trashy novel before getting started on dinner.  Tonight it is chicken stir fry with egg noodles.

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