Monday, January 11, 2010

Simple Woman's Day Book

I came across this while wandering aimlessly online today (I am meant to be covering exercise books in Contact but I'm hopeless at it so took a 'break' instead).  I like the idea of it and think it is something I shall add to my blog.  

Today I took the Little Man and The Princess shopping for school shoes.  What a nightmare that is!  Luckily, we found Big W had leather (!!!!) ones for $9 a pair, so I bought them two pairs each - one in the size they are currently fitting and the other in the next size up.  Who knows if I shall find shoes at that price when they grow out of them???  Next stop was to get them new sneakers for sport.  My children are very choosy in what they will and won't wear so we found a big sale at the sports shop which had lots and lots of designs and shoes to choose from.  Now all I need to find is some more particular type of exercise books and then we are all set.  Oh, and for me to finish covering their books with contact...

We had a lot of people through our home yesterday for the open house.  We are using a different strategy of having one open house on the weekend (instead of the two we had been having before Christmas), and to have them for shorter periods of time.  This is to create the illusion of 'demand' and 'interest' amongst potential buyers.  If the house is full of people others will think there is competition.  I sincerely hope this strategy works as I do so much want to get out into our new place and settle in.  And besides, open homes are such a drain on our energy and sanity, especially for the kids.

Today I am missing my grandmother again.  I grated soap on the weekend for my next lot of washing liquid making day, and thought about the hardships she would have faced growing up in the country with very little money in their family.  Whenever I feel 'hard done by' I only have to stop and remember how hard she, and those of her generation, would have had it in comparison.  I am very grateful that I was born when I was!

On another note, I'm also hoping Mary McKillop becomes Australia's first Saint.  

Blessings to you all and hope you are making your own lives better in some little way.

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