Monday, January 18, 2010

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

It is supposed to be 34 with afternoon storms here today.  I wish they would just hurry up and get here earlier.  It is so humid; we've been watching dvd's in the loungeroom with the airconditioning on to escape it.  It is too hot to do anything other than lounge around keeping cool.  I don't even feel like making dinner tonight.

I went outside earlier to get the mail and I was convinced my feet would melt into the driveway.  We don't wear shoes in or around the house, so my poor feet are rather delicate when it comes to hot surfaces!  

On Saturday evening, the Northern suburbs received around 35mm of rain, our suburb received nil.  Luckily our new house was in the area which received lots of rain so the paddocks are lovely and green.  I was imagining our future chickens waddling around in glee, picking off lots of insects and eating their greens.  Yesterday we were out there and I saw lots of Bush Stone Curlews which makes me happy.  I love those birds and their big, oversized eyes.  I took the dogs down to the back paddock where the normally dry gully/creek has water; the dogs took one sniff of the air and jumped straight in and splashed around with glee.  

Another open house yesterday with lots of favourable comments or so the agent tells us.  I just wish they would translate into acceptable offers!

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