Friday, January 15, 2010

How to tell when you are being insulted or not...

We had a formal offer on paper on our house last night.  It was $80,000 less than our original asking price (before deciding to go to auction) and the man found a list of 'problems' with our house to supposedly back up his reasoning on offering less.  

  • the side gate latch is broken (nothing a $2 part from the hardware shop can't fix)
  • there's a dent in a panel on the garage door (about $200 to replace a panel, if that) 
  • some cracks where some cornices join (a bit of paint will make them go away, and it's not like there are cracks in the walls or anything major)
  • there is a dent in one panel of Little Man's sliding wardrobe door (about $200 to replace) which we left uncovered so buyers knew it was there and we weren't covering it up
  • also, he wanted to know what our intentions were about curtains at the sliding glass door in the family room.  We have a pelmet along the top of the door and have curtain tracks installed for in case we ever wanted to put curtains up.
So, we told the agent to tell him if the price was right that he was offering then we'd fix the latch and garage and wardrobe door panels, but had no intention of putting up curtains at the door.  I know these little things do make an impression but he is the only person who has commented on it to the agent.  I am sure most people realise this is a house with children and things do get damaged when people live in them.  

Anyway, he offered a ridiculously low price on the house and we turned it town.  He has now been told the offer is not enough to prevent the auction from going ahead.  What is funny is that he didn't complain about (or notice) other little things around the house, so the agent is of the opinion he is just nit-picking hoping we'll settle for less than market value on the house.  The offer was even tens of thousands of dollars less than the bank valuation for goodness sake.

So, where does that leave us now?  Well, after a good chuckle over his offer, we know that we've had one formal offer on our house.  The agent will convey that information to others who have shown interest in our house and that should hopefully promote further interest (and hopefully offers) in our house prior to auction.   If people know there is interest in the house and they also would like it, then they might be more inclined to come and bid at the auction, too.  Here's hoping anyway...

Today we are going to the museum but The Princess had a fall off the slide earlier so I've got her laying on the couch resting her sore arm with an ice pack on it.  I don't want to go to the museum, and despite her "half broken" arm, she is determined to go.  So, it's off to the museum we go and do yet another battle for a free parking space in town.  So wish us well!

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