Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thank you.

I've been a bit down recently over a spate of bad news.

Firstly, I had two deaths in the family in quick succession.

One was on The Groom's side, the other on mine.

My great-uncle's death really saddened me more, obviously.

Uncle Peter was my model of what a farmer ought to be.

I have fond memories of my great-uncle and great-aunty's house and farm and visiting as a child.

Milking the cows, riding in the tractor, pushing hay off the trailer, sitting in the smokey kitchen in front of the wood fire with my sock covered feet aimed toward the warmth.  Laughing at my sister getting zapped by the electric fence when I told her with the straightest of faces it wasn't turned on!

Secondly, my beloved dad has early-onset dementia and has been in a nursing home for a couple of years now.

His health is never going to get better and there is no cure.

He has moved into a next stage of the disease and I have another stage of grieving for him to go through.

Once a daddy's girl always a daddy's girl.

But it was the most recent event that has left me reeling.

For her support and shoulder to cry on, I want to publicly thank


from A Clothesline Out The Back.

And who says online friends can't become real life friends!

Thank you!!!

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  1. You are more then welcome:-)

    I sat down to reply to your email last night and when it came time to send it bigpond webmail ate it. Grrr. So, tonight I will type it up in a word document and add it as an attachment. That is if I can get into bigpond webmail, it just kept kicking me out. I love modern technology.

    Will catch up later.
    Cheers, Deb


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