Sunday, June 19, 2011

Of dusty boots and sore derrieres

Today was the day I finally got back in the saddle.

It has been a very long time coming.

My bottom and thighs are now screaming in protest after not having had contact with a saddle in well over 20 years!

I used to ride a fair bit back when I was a kid and young teen.

But as one knows, boys and make-up kinda get in the way of the good things in life.

The Princess has been expressing her desire to learn to ride for quite a while now, so I took the bit in the mouth (pardon the pun) and booked us both in for private lessons.

She did so well and I'm kicking myself I didn't take a camera.

All of the motorbike riding she does has given her great balance in the saddle, too.

Well done Princess.  Soon we'll be in group classes.

Here's to many more days on horseback.

(and hoping we can convince daddy to buy us horses - heehee!)


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself. If it's not your fault, well, it's not your fault. If it is, then you'll learn the best lesson. I'm sorry to read about your chook.

  2. Thanks, Rhonda Jean. Maudie was such a lovely girl, and I think we just get too complacent about things we end up taking them for granted. THanks for stopping by my humble little blog.


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