Saturday, June 25, 2011

Down to Earth and Lurkers

Rhonda-Jean at the wonderful Down to Earth blog wrote recently about lurkers.

I confessed that I often popped in and read without leaving a comment.

I think we all do it, and perhaps I need to rethink my 'lurking'.

I sometimes have a peep at other's blogs that people have as their followers or who they follow.

Sometimes, those blogs don't interest me.

Sometimes, they do.

I vow to leave a 'calling card' from now on and thank them for sharing their lives with me, even if it is just a 'hello, just stopped by' message.

I look at my visitor traffic sometimes and wonder who these people are who come to my blog.  

Are they repeat visitors who genuinely show an interest in my little life?  Or did they stumble upon me by accident and quickly moved on?

I don't profess to having the most interesting of lives, or have scores of knowledge to share.

But, I feel like that by sharing a part of me, I'm giving back to those of you who share your lives with me.

Rhonda-Jean, if you are reading, here is the link to my maiden post - I credited you as my inspiration.

Keep up the wonderful work to all of you out there in interwebby world.

Thanking you.

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