Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another of life's little lessons

Will I never learn about dogs and chooks?

Last weekend we lost Maude to one of the dogs.

The gate to the chicken yard mustn't have been closed properly and when the chickens have woken up in the morning Maude went for a wander.

I think she's walked past where the dogs sleep in the aviary shortly before they've been let out for the day.

They got her behind the golden cane palm in the little garden bed at the front wall of the house.

The poor thing.  She didn't even stand a chance.

I've picked three zucchinis this week and I'm so proud of myself.

We ate one for dinner earlier in the week, gave one to the neighbour who provided us with the seedlings, then I am going to make a quiche on the weekend with the one I picked yesterday.  

I'm just holding out for the tomatoes.  That's all I really want.

I have had bad news delivered to me that has really made me question myself and what I believe in.

I'm numb, raw and very emotional.

I'm sure there's a silver lining to it all and there's a lesson to be learnt from it.

I just have to wait until I'm ready to think clearly enough to find it.

For now, I need to process and regroup.

I am my own worst enemy and very hard on myself, moreso than probably necessary.

I desperately want to discuss it but am unable to.    

I am hurting.

I am angry.

I want to retreat into my own world with my own little family and pretend things are hunky-dory.

In the meantime, there's my husband, children, dogs and garden to think about and care for.  

I'm sure they'll keep me going and strong.

If there was ever a time to be grateful for my family, this is it.


  1. Hi Dear, about to pop an email off to you. If you need an ear drop me a line. I will send you my landline number. Catch up soon.
    Cheers, Deb

  2. Thanks, Deb. Emailed you and hope to see you next week - eggs, scrapbook papers, kids and all. Hugs.


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