Saturday, June 18, 2011

Holidays are almost here

Only one more week to go until it is school holidays!

I am looking forward to time spent at home, doing very little other than pottering around at home.

I have been so busy at work this term that the poor house has been neglected.

The cobwebs have developed cobwebs!

Luckily the vegetable garden is relatively self-reliant at the moment.

There is very little watering to do as the sprinklers have been turned back on, and thanks to a heavy layer of hay for mulch, very few weeds to pull up.

I have been picking plenty of lettuce leaves, shallot leaves, chives and parsley, but yesterday was a real joy.

I picked my first zucchini!

It was meant to go with the chicken parmigiana for dinner.

But that didn't go to plan.

We had a family funeral to go to and after catching up with family we didn't get home until well after dinner time.  

Tonight we will eat it.

I've been marking all day today, I've got about 5 stories to go and then I start on another lot of assignments.  There are 3 more assessments due in by the last day of school.

Oh well.  Back to the grind I suppose.

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