Monday, November 30, 2009

My Little White Flower

Last Monday we lost one of our dogs, as in she has gone missing.  We have looked everywhere for her, letterbox dropped, placed flyers in businesses and on power poles and even placed ads in the paper.  Yet, she still has not come home.  Deep down we believe she is dead, possibly from a dingo or wild dog attack as we have them on the mountain next to us, but it is the not knowing what has happened to her conclusively that hurts the most.  So, for my beloved white Lily, I hope you are chasing fluffy white cats to your heart's content up in doggy heaven.  We love you and will miss you wherever you may be.

We officially put our house on the market on Friday and had around a dozen people come through on the weekend.  So far all of the comments have been positive, but I wish those comments would translate into acceptable offers!  Since losing Lily I cannot bear to see the mountain from our house knowing her body may be up there.  I just want to leave and get away from it.  Our other dog disappeared with her, but came home, and at first she was really scared of any noise and wouldn't leave the house (which is why we believe there was an attack, she also came home with puncture marks in her that could have been from another animal or barbed wire), so she would also love a change of scenery and a new start.  

The weather is certainly odd around the country right now - some places are having massive storms, others extreme heat and others have winter-like weather (well, to me anyway).  Here, in the North Queensland tropics, it's hot for most of the year, but even today was hot enough for me to put the airconditioner on this afternoon.  I cannot wait until next year when we get a pool installed in our new house and I shall probably live in it!  My poor eggplants are struggling to cope with the heat right now, but the passionfruit vine seems to be relishing the heat.  I cannot wait until we get to move into our new house and I can start planning the new vegetable gardens, fruit trees and chicken house. 

a view from the beach

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