Sunday, November 8, 2009

Where does it all go???

We are starting to get serious with thinking about selling our house.  We've toyed with the idea on and off for about a year or so now but have now realised we either do or we don't.  The worst part is having to get our house ready for presentation and I think that is what is really holding us back.  That and the whole timing issue of finding a buyer and a seller so we can seamlessly move from one house to another.  We don't want to have to rent and we'd hate to find ourselves getting a bridging loan.

So, we have realised that it is about time to get stuck into the things that need doing around the house.  I confess I am a bit of a 'clutter' person and sometimes don't tend to see stuff that has been lying around.  Or the bits and pieces taking up space on bench tops.  The Groom is of the opinion we should have no flat surfaces in the house and therefore half of my problem will be solved.  Grrr.  Tonight I'm going to make a list of all the little things around the house that need repairs.  The house is only 6 years old and in almost new condition, but the walls have marks on them where things have been bumped or the kids have run their hands along them as they've walked past (why is it that children cannot walk along a wall without physical contact with it?); bits of fence palings that have broken off; edges of doors that need repainting from where they've been sanded if they were sticking during wet weather; fan control knobs that need replacing because they've been pulled off and lost and so on.  It's hard looking at my beloved house, the house that we designed and built ourselves, through a different pair of eyes.  The eyes of a potential buyer.  

I have cleaned the walls and surfaces with Jackie French's "Gloop" recipe which I use for almost everything.  I use it for washing clothes, dishes, floors, bench tops etc.  I add a dash of eucalyptus oil for the clothes and floor mixtures.  Unfortunately, my son's room had that 'bath ring' effect around his bed so I had to use a mix of water and Sugar Soap in a spray bottle and an old towel rag to clean those bits.  I use a vinegar and water mix to clean the windows and the vinegar smell goes rather quickly, luckily our house is almost always open as we have good breezes.  Now I'm soaking the sheer curtains in some "Gloop" with some Bluo and a dash of ammonia because they are really grotty.  It's windy today so it should dry quickly so they can be hung back up before evening.  

I've done so much yet it looks like I've done nothing obvious.  It's the little things that tend to get overlooked when one gets asked, "So, what did you do all day?"  

At least I've got a lovely house to clean and enough equity in the house to allow us to look for another house that is dearer without having to take out too big a mortgage.  I'm thankful for that.  Now, where is the person in the 'bush' who is happy to trade houses with someone in the 'city'?

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