Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yesterday was a lovely, sunny day.

A perfect day to get out and mow the last 2.5 acres.

And get the ride-on mower bogged in the spot where the grey water pipe ends.

And watch the two sea eagles fly around hoping for tasty morsels the mower unearthed.
(and make sure they don't spend too long flying over the chicken yard!)

I can't wait until the wet season is over and the ground dries up enough to get machinery in to dig the trench that will eventually connect the pipe to the pit to collect the grey water.

The owls are back.

They are there in the trees in the morning and just as it gets dark in the evening, the silently fly off into the night.

All sort of weird and wonderful bugs are coming out of nowhere.

Monday night brought 100mls of rain with it.

And a large green frog in the rain gauge.

Surely we haven't had that much rain that the frogs are trying to escape from it?

I discovered new star fruit forming amongst the leaves on the bush.

There was fruit on it when we moved in here in March.

I managed to have one - the birds ate the rest.

Bird netting is on my list of things to buy now.

And a new rake. The last plastic one perished.

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