Friday, January 21, 2011

Shopping pleasures

My name is --- and I'm a Shopaholic.

There.  I said it.  It's sad but true.  Once a shopaholic always a shopaholic I say.

But times are a-changing.

I remember the days of my long-gone, misspent youth (and late teens, very early 20's), when I was carefree and had no regard for money.

It was not uncommon for me to blow $200 a week on clothes once I started my first  job.  But somehow I never managed to remember to pay board to my folks...

Now, fast-forward some years, and I realises it's not all about me anymore.  I've got The Groom and two children to think of.

I still love shopping for clothes, now it's mostly for the children, but my priorities have changed.  I want to save money.  I've got other things I'd rather put our money toward.

Like paying off our mortgage.  Saving up for our big holiday at the end of the year.  Building up our savings.  Having money in the bank to pay for future renovations - cash in hand.

Today, I had to go shopping.  I blame it on the horrid weather we've been having.

First we went to the library and borrowed heaps of books.  And I got two BookCrossing books for the Groom.  

Then The Princess, Little Man and I went op-shopping.

I bought two floral flannelette pillow cases for 80c each.  They were brand new!

I use white sheets, pillow cases, towels and face washers normally.  That way, if one wears out or gets torn or whatever, I don't have to worry about something not matching.

But I couldn't resist these pillow cases.  I'll use them on the bottom pillows as it's summer, but they're so pretty.

I also bought myself a pair of Levi's for $15 - they don't look like they've even been worn.

It also means I need to lose a kilo or two to avoid the 'muffin top' look (or maybe just wear a loose shirt over them instead).

My other purchases included 8 adult novels for $5, 4 children's books for $2 and two jackets and a pair of dressy trousers for The Princess that totalled around $10.

I've washed the pillow cases and they're on the verandah line, drying in front of the fan, so I can put them on my bed tonight.  

I'm pretty pleased with myself.  

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