Friday, January 7, 2011

It's a procrastinating kind of day

I think it's the heat and humidity.

I don't really feel like doing much at all.

I'm waiting for the online shopping van to arrive with my groceries - what's there of them anyway. Supermarket stocks are running low because of flooding down south cutting highways, therefore supplies of almost everything. And because of the inability to get stock Woolies has cancelled all delivery charges for their online shopping customers until January 15th. That's a bonus for me as it means I can get my delivery sooner, rather than find a delivery window that is free (it would have been Saturday between 1pm and 7pm otherwise). I had an email from the supermarket saying they were out of a couple of items on my order, but it isn't anything I desperately need and can't go without. It's silly how most of the produce grown here has to travel back to Brisbane before coming back up here to go on the supermarket shelves.

Anyway, I have hung out two loads of washing today, fed the dogs and chickens and that's pretty much it. I started to clear off the kitchen benches to clean them all down, then got sidetracked by checking email, reading the paper online and my blog. You can tell how interested I am in cleaning the benches, can't you!

After the groceries are delivered and put away I need to go and buy a new rake, bird netting and some shadecloth off-cuts if I can find them. It's all for the chicken yard. We've had so much rain their straw in their house is going all yucky and I don't have a rake anymore to moosh it up with.

Maude, one of the girls, is a bit sick. She's a bit gurgly in her breathing and has a bit of a wet nose. Last night when I put them to bed, she was sneezing. She has been a bit quiet and not eating much and when you pick her up she sounds croaky when she makes her noises. I'm hoping it's just a cold and nothing more serious.

I've been told to isolate her but haven't yet. I've laid down straw in the old aviary, made a nesting box and put in an old tree branch for a perch, but haven't gotten around to putting her in yet. She's a lot perkier this morning, still a bit gurgly. None of the girls have laid an egg for the past couple of days, though. My neighour said hers are not laying as much either and it's probably because it's been so hot. Maude perks up in the afternoon, though, so I'm hoping it's just too hot for her. But it doesn't explain the sneezing etc.

The owls are still in the tree and they watch intently when the dogs wrestle and play in the shade. I wave to them and say a big 'hellllooooo' to them and they look back at me with their huge yellow eyes. The magpies are back, too. Normally the follow the mower around but they weren't there the other day when I mowed. Maybe it was because the sea eagles were there instead.

It's too hot. I haven't even been bothered to take down the Christmas lights, tree and decorations either. I think there are snakes in the tree out the front where some lights are, so I'll leave those for later. That's my story anyway.

I think I shall go and clean the benches down now. And I suppose while I'm at it, clean the microwave, too. The delivery van has until midday to get here so I'll need a tidy bench before then.

Aaah, the joys of a tropical summer!

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