Saturday, October 10, 2009

A full belly is a happy belly

I have had a dreadful migraine in its early stages threatening to turn into something worse since Thursday night.  I had planned to go the chiropractor on Friday but ended up being called in to work, which one cannot really say no to in these times.  As is normal for me, working fell on a day when I hadn't prepared lunches for the children the night before and hadn't any money in my purse so we all used up the last six slices of bread we had to have vegemite sandwiches.  Aaah, good old vegemite.

I did read the magazine article I spoke about in the last post, I just haven't gotten around to listing the things I do yet.  That's me, I end up getting around to things sooner or later.  This will be a case of 'later' as I'm not ready to spend a lot of time at my monitor.  I think the migraine was triggered by a whole Thursday day and early evening of sewing my Christmas gift shopping bags, and then I sat up during the rest of the night working on a knitted dishcloth.  I turned my head to see something on television and felt and heard a big cracking pain in my neck.  My chiropractor only works part time and I do not like the other person at the practice so I shall make an appointment with him as soon as I can.  Ouch!

We have a wonderful Greek Festival here and that is where the children and I headed early this afternoon for some wonderful music and to fill our bellies with great food - for us it was octopus, lamb yiros, Greek shortbread and our favourite - honey puffs.  After all that food I don't feel the roast chicken I have planned for dinner!

Enjoy your day with delicious food and a cool breeze on your face - here in the tropics it feels like summer already!

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