Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some people are amazing

I witnessed a car accident this morning whilst taking the children to school.  

It wasn't a serious accident and it involved a student from a school where I sometimes work.  I wasn't able to pull over and help her or check on her at the time, but I did return later when I had dropped off the children.  I kept my eyes open for her on the way home and found her waiting for her mother to come and get her.  Her car sustained minor damage and she was physically okay but she was rather shaken up, as one would be in that situation.  

I apologised for not being able to stop and check on her straight away, and told her that I was prepared to be a witness if she needed one.  What amazed me was that she said the driver of the other car basically blamed her for stopping too hard at the lights!  The lights had turned orange before we both got to the intersection and the other car had to brake that hard that their brakes screeched and there was smoke from the tyres, pushing her car forward as he hit her.  I believe the car thought she was going to go through the light so he would too.  I feel really sorry for her that she could have been taken advantage of by the other driver because of her age and perhaps she was made to feel intimidated by the male driver.  On a good note, she is okay but a bit shaken up.  I would like to think that if it was me in that situation someone would check if I was okay.  I mean, the driver of the other vehicle didn't even bother to get out of the car to check on damage or on her.  

Today, I am at home.  It is too early in the new school term for work for me.   I take advantage of this by having quiet 'me' time - no children running through the house, endless repeats of Hannah Montana or Spongebob Squarepants on television, barking dogs chasing the kids around the yard.  It's just me, the quiet and never-ending chores.  I don't mind it today.  I shall fold the mountain of washing that has collected on the couch (after two weeks of school holidays it really builds up), cut up the potatoes for dinner and put them in a bowl of water in the fridge until they are needed, then I think I shall sit on the couch with my dishcloths-in-making and either listen to music or watch some television.  The Boy has his birthday party soon, too, so I might even start putting together the party bags for his guests.  

I saw the funniest job advertisement in the paper today.  It's a sad state of affairs when an employer has to pay for an ad that outlines basic job application etiquette - don't use 'hey' as a salutation; use spell check and basic spelling and grammar; and a concise resume means just that, not an 8 page story of your life!  I love it.  

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