Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Half way there

Well, we are half way moved in to the other house.  

We finished building this house in late 2003, so it's been a while since we undertook the torture test that is moving.  I do not want to move ever again.  Then again, that's what I said last time!

Packing and moving really highlights how different The Groom and I are about it all.  I'm a 'pack everything in an orderly manner' kind of person - shoes in one box, underwear in another etc.  Everything should be methodical and orderly.  The Groom's idea of packing involves plopping a box on the floor and throwing everything in that surrounds it.  It will make the next couple of weeks interesting when I'm unpacking and searching for things.  Sadly, my way of packing takes way too long, but I keep telling him it makes it easier at the other end.  The downside to this all is you end up finding stuff you've forgotten about and waste time going over it and reminiscing!  The Groom found the scrap book I made from our engagement and wedding, complete with all of the cards, telegrams etc.  We lost nearly an hour of our day going over it!

The other house is starting to look like ours.  Most of our prints and photos are up, the clothes are in our wardrobe, half of the kitchen is unpacked, towels and toiletries are in place.  Most of our 'stuff' is there, all we have to do is the big furniture and things we have to leave until the last minute, like the computer and pots and pans and stuff.  

We aim to be in by Friday night, so when The Groom goes away again for work next week I can just bring over smaller bits and bobs during the week.  I'm so tired that I can't wait for it to be all done and dusted.  

We won't have the phone connected for a while out there, so there will be no internet access unless I go to the library with my laptop.  We won't get internet back on until May I guess as after Easter we head off on our big Northern Territory trip.  We've planned it over a year ago, and we were meant to head off next week but the house sale delayed things, and some of the "highways" etc we will be travelling on are currently cut off by flood waters.  

Once things get more relaxed and orderly I aim to get some photos up of our new garden.  There's a lot to do in it, getting rid of the oleanders is priority number one.  Then the mother-in-law's tongues  and other horrible plants the other people planted.  

I am thankful our house has sold and we can move into this new one.  Even if the decor is not to our liking and we have to live with it until we can afford to change things.

So, watch this space...

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  1. It is great to see you are doing pretty well with the move. I said exactly what you have when we moved in here 10 years ago, never again. It had only been our third move in the three years we had lived together. And I really shouldn't have complained. I was in Europe for the first move and had to work for the second one. Lol. So, I guess I have had it pretty easy in the moving stakes. Although all the cleaning of both the other houses was left wholey soley up to me.

    I had to laugh about the different packing styles, I think it is a gender thing. I always wanted everything neatly done and Hubby always just shoved it in.

    Another memory that jumped to mind when reading about your moving, was when we first moved in together. I was away and all my things had been in storage. Hubby went through every box pulled out all the 'interesting' stuff and left the rest. Not happy Jan. Although it gives me a giggle when I think of it now. I can just image him like a kid in a candy store.

    I hope you have a lovely trip. Watch out for crockadilies. Can't wait to see what you do with the new house.

    Safe travels, Deb


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