Friday, March 19, 2010

We're not in Kansas anymore...

Well, we here in the North are on Cyclone Watch.  For us it's the first time this year, and it's promising to be a big one.  But the watch area is so huge nobody is sure who will be the (un)lucky recipient of Ului.  

I like the name Ului.  Reminds me 'yoo-hoo' - watch out here I come!

We've got our kit prepared but I just need to go to the supermarket and get some chocolate.  Luckily Woolies has 1litre Long Life Milk on sale this week for $10 for 1o litres!  I stocked up earlier this week - I usually keep a couple of bottles in case Little Man has drank the last of the milk in the morning and there's none left for my coffee.

We are mostly moved in at the new place.  I'm itching for settlement to come so I can start doing the things I want to it.  Like the garden etc.  The cyclone may change some of my plans if it gets to us, though.  

Looking toward where my vegies and chickens will go

We haven't got the phone or internet connected there yet, so at the moment I am driving to the library to plug in my laptop to their connection.  The airconditioner is so cold in here my arms are stiff and I'm freezing.  I've been clearing up some space on my hard drive as it's nearly full with photos and iTunes stuff, so I've been taking advantage of the high speed internet at the library to transfer photos to Facebook for keeping there. 
looking toward the far back corner of the block.  all 5.5 acres of it.

There is a lot to do here for my tastes and our convenience, but our main priority is to get wardrobes installed for the children and a storage/linen cupboard in the 'utility' room.  But I so want to get the vegies and chickens in.  I'm itching to dig and fork and compost and plant and grow and build.  It's a shame the cyclone has put a hold on things at the moment.  And the fact we still have some things left in the other house we need to take out this weekend - we settle on the other house on Friday next week and it feels so odd to go there and walk around and hear the walls echo with emptiness.  It feels like it is sad.

Well, it's way too cold here now and I've got goosebumps.  Next time I come back I hope to remember to bring a cardigan!

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  1. Good luck on the cyclone front! My husband is a weather freak so has been watching it on the radar and has been on the weather forums. It's a doozy, isn't it!?!? Hope it doesn't do too much damage. I'm very jealous of all your land!! 5.5 acres - I can only dream of having that one day....


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