Sunday, October 2, 2011

A morning when I'm up with the sun

I must confess to not being a morning person.

But having no curtains in our room makes one wake up with the dawn.

And so outside I go...

The ladies greet me in anticipation of receiving any tid-bits.

Augusta has taken to taking her throat feathers off.

She must love the bare-neck look.

The space behind the sweet potato cage is always guaranteed to bring up any buggy-treats.

This is a hotly contested piece of real estate with the ladies!

The sunflower is growing nicely.

I wonder how long it will be from when it flowers to when the cockatoos discover it...

The dogs love watching the ladies.

It's a shame they also like eating them if they happen to get out of their yard.

R.I.P Maude, and Olive has recovered well.

 The orchids have started to bloom.

This one was recently removed from a tree we had to have cut down and has been transplanted onto an African Mahogany outside the chicken yard.

You know, it's not bad being up early in the morning.


  1. I am definitely not a morning person, although when I force myself out of bed I do actually feel better for the day :)

    Our chooks do the same thing when they see anyone heading their way. Our dog is good with them though, she would lick them to death maybe, not a vicious bone in her body...

    That sunflower reminded me I have some seeds of my own to plant out.

  2. Those dogs look so cute and innocent! My biggest dog Daisy knows she can't eat the chooks, but I notice she licks her lips around them - so I don't leave her unattended with them, just in case. Beautiful picture of the orchid. Thanks for sharing the great photos of your morning!

  3. It IS true, Tania. When you get up early, no matter how painful it is, you seem to set yourself up for the day. Although, The Groom got up an hour earlier than he needed to because his phone changed itself to daylight saving time - and we don't have it in Queensland! A 4.15am start to the working day was not overly appreciated by all in our house.

    Thanks, Ellie B for the comments on my dogs. They are my babies and I love them as much as I love my kids. I'd love my chooks to roam around the paddocks but it's not worth it with the dogs.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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