Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An inside day (but I'd rather be out)

Isn't this such a pretty spot?

An ideal place for curling up with a good book and sitting in the warm sun.

I wish my kitchen looked as neat and tidy as this.

I've always got things on bench tops or the kitchen table is covered in books and bags and stuff.

Today is the second day at home on my own since the middle of April.

Yesterday I wasted the day.

Today I must clean and tidy.

And cook.

But it's too nice to be inside.

I'd rather be outside in the garden, wandering the paddocks, chatting with the dogs, watching the Ladies chatter away about nothing in particular, inspecting the vegetable garden.

Oh well, these things can wait for a little while I guess.

I'm going to throw on my apron, chuck on a pair of socks (to slide around on the tiles - it's more fun than walking) and wield my duster instead.

And I must remember to make a new batch of cleaner, too, once I'm finished.


  1. Hi Dear, I like the look of the tidy kitchen in the picture, not to sure of the white though. We get alot of coal dust settling in our house and keeping all that white clean would be a full time job. I do love the floor and the big draws. I have remodelled our kitchen in my head and it will be all draws and above bench cupboards all the way to the ceiling, no more brekky bar.

    So many ideas, so little money. My list for our house is pretty similar to yours. Tweaking what we have to better suit us and be more user friendly.

    I too am itching to be outside in the garden, the house looks like a bomb has gone off, so it comes first. The vegie patch gets watered and a quick go over in the morning and then it is left to it's own devices. No chance yet to get back out and do any more to it.

    Sure we will both get there eventually. :-) Hope you are having an amazing week.
    Cheers, Deb

  2. Hi, Deb, I know what you mean about all the white. We've got the same problem with all the dust from the driveway and paddocks! I love all the drawers and would have heaps of them instead of cupboards if I could.

    My dream kitchen would have a floor that drops the benches down at the touch of a button - no more dragging over a kitchen chair to reach something in the overhead cupboards or top of the pantry!

    I am thinking of working on the lounge room today and sorting out all of the books and magazines and toys which have collected on the shelf under the tv and the coffee table. And I have a mound of washing to get through after having visitors for the weekend (and deflate the blow up mattress and roll up the double swag). Yes, it's Thursday and they're still in the loungeroom :(


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