Saturday, July 9, 2011

In my garden...

this is such a beautiful time of year for gardening here in the tropics.

you don't get eaten alive by the mosquitoes.

everything isn't mouldy or slimy to touch.

it isn't raining for days or weeks on end.

things actually grow and flourish with little help.

i love it!

the princess wandered about in the garden with the camera the other day and these are her photos.

i hope you like them.

she planted two punnets of marigolds in the vegetable beds.

she likes marigolds and nibbling on their petals.

the roses are either patio or chameleon roses.

so far they are turning out to be all sorts of colors.

i even have a deep red, almost purple, rose about to flower.

it is beautiful.

i have been cutting some of the rose blooms and putting them in little vases around the house.

i love their subtle smell.

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  1. Princess's photo's look wonderful. The roses look lovely, I haven't repotted mine yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

    I turned the compost and added to it today, planted up some shallots, topped up the spuds in tubs, repotted a small potato plant(fingers crossed he makes it), and dug out all the weeds. Hubby rescued and potted up a couple of cherry tomatoes that sprang up from the compost. Repotted a couple of the other volunteers and went and got more bricks for the next bed.

    A busy morning all round, with the kids helping out everywhere. I agree with you when you say it is a wonderful time to be outside and in the garden up here.

    Cheers, Deb


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