Monday, July 18, 2011

Giving thanks

Things are coming along nicely in the garden now.

We had home-grown zucchini and squash with our dinner last night and it was wonderful.

I can't wait until the tomatoes are ready to be picked.

I'm grateful for the ability to produce at least some of the food I feed my family with.

And a big thank you to Deb from A Clothesline Out the Back for their wonderful visit on the weekend - and the beautiful goodies you brought.


  1. Hi Dear, Good work on the zucchini and squash, they look wonderful. I forgot to tell you the zucchini you gave us was yummo. I am itching to get into our cherry tomatoes too, as they will be ready before any of the other ones. The boys have seen the little tomatoes on the bush and
    Big boy turned to me the other day and said we can't pick them yet they're still green. LOL. And, here I was thinking we were teaching them.

    You are more than welcome for our humble offerings. You have been very generous to us as well and I really appreciate that. It is great to be able to have a connection with someone who is on the same wave length. Who doesn't think ya weird because you want to dig around in the dirt and grow ya own food. LOL.

    Hope you have a great week
    Cheers, Deb

  2. :) The lovely dishcloth has already been used. And I ate the last of the cake this morning for breakfast!

  3. I adore pattypan squash. We have a garden for the first time this year and I've had a blast with it. There are at least 4 dozen pattypans on my counter tonight. Although we must be slightly ahead of you in the growing season. We've been harvesting tomatoes for a couple months.

    There truly is nothing quite like growing your own foods! I like your site. I'm happily following you now.

  4. Thanks, Barefeet. I love squash too but seem to be having better luck with the zucchini at the moment. They get to a certain size then fall off at the size in the picture. Then it's a race to get to them before the grubs or possums do!

    I've got lots of tomatoes but they're not ripe yet, but I planted most of them mid-May so I can't get too impatient.

    Thanks for following my site :)


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