Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another milestone...

Little Man left today on his first school camp.  He is away for two whole nights!

I don't know how I'll be in the morning when I don't have him hop into bed for a quick hug.

He actually came over to hug me when they were waiting for the bus this morning!

I thought he'd play it cool like he did when he went on the bus last year for an away football game.  

I got told, "Leave me at the bus stop and then go".  Not on your Nelly I thought!  Apart from the fact it was 6am and I didn't know who any of the other parents and boys were who were waiting there, there was no way I was going.  I wanted to wave him off.

I like waiting with the children to see them off if they have to go somewhere.  Which isn't all that often.

I'm sure he'll have a wonderful time, and hopefully he won't miss me too much.

I've got The Princess home from school for a few days with conjunctivitis.  So all is rather quiet now.  

We picked up some school work for her to do this morning, so after lunch I will put on my Teacher hat and help her with her assignment.  

Then we might bake a cake and she can help me get dinner ready - tonight I might make chicken nuggets or a stew.  I bought a couple of kilos of chicken breasts last week so I may as well make the stew and nuggets in one go.  I can freeze portions for lunches and dinners that way.

Can you tell I forgot to bag the kilos separately?  They're defrosting in one big ziplock bag right now - oops!

I can't wait for my Little Man to come home (even if it means the two of them will continue whatever fight they left off at some stage), and most of all, school holidays start at the end of next week!

I look forward to the return of the Easter Bunny!


  1. I know exactly how you feel, my youngest went on his very first school camp a couple of weeks ago. He was only gone for one night though. You are so right about the fighting starting right where they left off! It was so quiet without him home with us. I am sure you will get an extra big hug when he gets home. I know I did. They miss us more than they like to let on!
    Thank you so much for your lovely message about Webster. Both children have taken it much better than me, but Webster and I were a team. I love my other dog B.J., but it is not the same as it was with Webster. Some people/pets just seem to leave such a huge impression on your heart. Will definately try the tea bag sugestion on him and will get the cream to try as well, actually the cream might be good for my daughter to try as well as she has really bad dermatitis on her hands at the moment.Enjoy the rest of your week. I am off to cook dinner now, so as all I have to do is heat it up when we get home late after football training.

  2. Hi Barefoot, He will be home before you know it. Full of stories and heaps of hugs for you.

    Had a giggle when I read the 'forgot to bag the kilos separately'. Sounds like something I would do. Then have to come up with a creative solution to use it all up. LOL.

    School holidays are that soon?!!! Where has the last term gone? Really, the end of next week? Okay, now that I've got my head around that, I'll have to start planning some play dates out the beach and park.

    Hope you have a lovely week.
    Cheers, Deb'

    P.S. I love your bunny image, he is so cute!

  3. Deb, I think holidays depend on where your kids go to school. Last day for ours is next Thursday. We normally camp over Easter but the cattle station we normally go to has been cut off because of the rain so it'll be a last minute decision this year I think.

    Sharon, I posted another comment on your Webster post about the cream.

  4. Hi Barefoot, sorry didn't mean to get confused about the cream. I realised Rosie was your dog, but the cream sounded like one I used to get from the chemist. Must have a very similar name. I will ask our vet to see if she can get some in, as our poor boy B.J. has started scratching alot again since yesterday. Will see if the chemist still sells the other too! Thanks.

  5. Just an update. He had a great time and said he didn't miss me as much as he thought - but I did get the biggest secretive hug when nobody was around :)


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