Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Additions

We have finished the chook house and yard.  Well done to The Groom!

We have two chickens at the moment.  Two Rhode Island Reds who are about point-of-lay (although their first morning here today resulted in no eggs).  They have some real character.

Coco, Little Man's chicken, is rather friendly and doesn't mind being picked up and patted.  The Princess named hers Pamela, and Pamela is the quieter and more timid of the two.  

At the moment they are hanging around the chook house and not venturing far from it.  I've got a large plastic pallet against a fence on an angle for them to hide under if they want, but they haven't gone that far over the other side of the yard yet.  

They both like grass but are not interested in the kitchen scraps yet.  Give them time and they will.

Hopefully today we will be getting some Australorps.  That's what we wanted from the start but bought the Reds just because they were the only ones available at the time.

I can't wait to post some pictures of the chickens!


  1. sounds like you are all enjoying the chickens. it is one thing we would like to do eventually. I love the name Pamela!! human names for animals is something i love!! hope you get some eggs soon.

  2. Thank you Lena! I like giving our animals people names, too, but the three new Australorps we got the other day got called Schnitzel, Parmy and Nugget. I can only tell them apart when they are all together; Schnitzel is slightly bigger than Parmy and Nugget is the smallest. They were meant to all be called Schnitzel but it didn't work out that way!


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