Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A day at home

Oh, what a joy it is!

I got up early, having found a small, softly snoring boy sleeping beside me.  It's always the way when The Groom is away.  Little Man crept in during the night, complaining I didn't come and wake him up so he could sleep with me.  I had tried, he just sleeps too soundly to be woken up anyway.

I let the dogs out of their aviary just as the sun was beginning to peek over the tree tops, then made my way over to the chicken yard to let the Ladies out for the day.  They took their sweet time to leave their house, so it gave me a chance to observe them for a while.  Normally they race out madly, on the lookout for any little bugs flying around.

I made lunches and breakfast for The Princess and Little Man.  I walked them down to the gate so they could catch the bus to school.

By now it's not even 7.30am so on went a load of washing, I brought in another load that was on the line since yesterday, then two more loads went out to be washed over the course of the morning.

I washed the dishes from last night and breakfast and sat down to watch the rest of Sunrise with my decaffeinated coffee and two slices of toast with crunchy peanut butter.

Once I'd finished breakfast I realised I'd forgotten to put the container of prawn heads in the fridge in the rubbish that was going to be collected today, so there was another walk down the driveway to the road.  I'd read in a Jackie French book that she gives her chickens prawn heads and they loved them.  I tried it with mine and they fought over the three I'd thrown into their yard!  But the prawns have been defrosted for a couple of days now so it's out to the bin for them.

I've dusted the buffet and tv cabinet, emptied the crumbs out of the toaster, wiped down benches and put clean light blankets over the backs of the couches.  The floor has been vacuumed and soon I shall fold washing that has piled up (we had family come to stay last week so I let it build up - silly me!).

The Princess has ballet this afternoon then straight after she finishes we head off to football training for Little Man.  Tonight is a takeaway night.  We get home late and rather close to their bedtime, so it's easier than trying to cook and rush them into having showers, eat and get to bed.  

I love days at home.  

I love the quietness and stillness of my little world.  

I enjoy listening to the calls of the birds, the gentle gruffing of the dogs as they lay, sleeping, at the back door, the soft thunk of the twigs falling onto to the roof from the overhanging trees, and the gentle hum of life going on outside.  

I'm too lazy to get in the car and drive down the highway to the closest supermarket or petrol station to get the day's paper, so I read it online earlier.  I know I need petrol, but it can wait.

I love pottering around at home.  For me, it's still a bit too much like 'someone else's' home, but over time it will feel like mine.  

It's overcast and cool, but not cold.  Despite this, it's still a shorts and t-shirt day.  It always seems to be like that in a Tropical Queensland winter.

I love my days at home.

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