Thursday, March 29, 2012

Puerto Vallarta - Mexico

Our first port of call was Puerto Vallarta.

It was lovely and we shared the port with two other ships, so you can imagine that the demand from footpath sellers for business was fierce.

We had booked a shore tour so after breakfast we met our guide for the day and then got on our bus.

It was a Tequila Tasting and Tortilla Making tour with visits to 'villages'.

Some of the villages we went through looked more like regular suburbs to me.

Some were a bit run down but some were nice.

We saw some lovely buildings and visited a lovely Catholic Church.

Then we went on our Tequila tasting tour.

I don't drink, so The Groom was at a loss as to why I booked this tour, but it was interesting.

I loved the smell of the mashed up agave, it reminded me of sugar cane mash.  

And it tasted good, too, even though it was covered in bees.

While the talk and tasting was going on, I plonked myself by this trough and sucked on the mash and swatted away the bees.

I think people might have thought I was a bit odd.

We had lunch at a restaurant as part of our tour and the food was so good!

And plentiful.

Afterwards, we wandered about the shopping centre opposite the port.

The Liverpool department store was very expensive but there was the most heavenly display of chocolates and lollies and other delights (but I didn't buy anything).

We tried to translate signs into English and failed miserably.

We took heaps of photos of the kids in front of Spanish signs advertising Christmas, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Senor Frog's and more.

The only negative thing about this port, and it indicative of many ports, is the pushiness from stall traders for your business.

At times the pushiness of some people made me feel very uncomfortable when they'd follow us down the street, and I found it completely unacceptable when they would try and co-opt the kids into getting us to buy from them.

Soon, too soon, though, it was time to board our home for the week and head off to Cabo San Lucas.

It was good to be 'welcomed home' as home is what being on board felt like with our new little family of Disney Wonder friends.

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