Thursday, March 29, 2012

I can't believe they forgot!

I'm still in shock, one day later!

It was my birthday yesterday and The Groom, The Princess and Little Man FORGOT!!!!

Poor, woeful me.

I woke up yesterday morning - no birthday greetings.

Everyone left for work or school - no birthday greetings.

Everyone would have arrived at work or school - still no birthday greetings.

The Groom came home early mid-morning to get my car as it needed new tyres - STILL no birthday greetings.

I had planned to spend the day in my pj's watching tacky shows on daytime tv but ended up getting called in to work, so off I went.

Still nothing by the time I got home.

So, I checked FB to see if ANYONE ELSE remembered my birthday - there was a message from my mum and sister-in-law and some other family members and it was only then when I was responding that Little Man came in and saw the messages that he realised!

The Princess came in to see what I was doing and gave me an origami card she made for me (the I heard her whisper to her brother "did you know it is mummy's birthday today?")

The Groom came home with a friend to do some work on the bobcat - still no birthday greetings.

I said that I wanted to go out for dinner (just to drop a hint) and was told it might not be possible as it could take hours to finish what they had to do.

So, I decided that I would just go at 6pm anyway.  


The Groom dropped off his friend at home and still hadn't come back by 5.45pm.

Then the phone rang.

"I'm on my way home, we can go out to dinner if you want."

I replied that I was getting changed and was about to walk out with the kids for dinner as he phoned.

So I had to wait for him.

I didn't say anything about it being my birthday.

Just as we were at the traffic lights before turning into the car park at the place I wanted to eat at, I asked The Groom if he had forgotten anything today.

He replied that no, he didn't think he did.  

But then he realised...

And said....

"I didn't forget it was your birthday and if you don't believe me you can call Friend."

I said that I would and ask WHAT TIME did The Groom remember my birthday?

The Groom argued that it was a moot point as to what time he remembered, but rather that he remembered in the first place.

I must say, it's a good thing I don't make a big deal about my birthday, especially considering last year's disaster at having a 40th birthday that coincided with a Nitro Circus tour (that took precedence over my birthday).

Happy birthday to anyone else who has had a birthday yesterday (and especially if your loved ones forgot about it...)!

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