Thursday, November 10, 2011

Readying for next year's harvest

There were some things that I grew this year that didn't work out as I had hoped or I just didn't like.

There are things that have done really well and I'll continue to grow - like the zucchini and eggplant.  

But I will give the celery a miss - it's too water-hungry and I can't manage to keep the water up to it outside of the wet.

Next year I'll be planting these as well.

Hopefully they will go well.

I have to plant extra snow peas this year - the ones we grew didn't bear well and what it did bear I ate before I even got back to the house!

Tropic Tomatoes


golden nugget pumpkin

sugar snap peas

Snowpea "Yakumo"

Bush Bean "Cherokee Wax"

"Tommy Toe" tomatoes

spaghetti squash

I am growing sweet potato in a cage frame in the chicken yard at the moment and next year I will add potatoes to the crop.

The potatoes I grew last year were nice but I think I harvested too early - they were rather small.

The worst part of growing in the tropics is the long wet season that turns everything to mush.

And the bugs.

But, it's all about trial and error and I'll eventually get there.

Hopefully next year I can produce at least half our our vegetable needs.

Maybe I might even consider getting a rooster so we can have some baby chickens...

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  1. I hope to get my vege's started soon, but still contructing the new bed. Always have success with corn. This year the basil has self-seeded everywhere.


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