Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just have to share!

I finally got to use my citrus cleanser!

It smells so purdy!

I added about 1/2 a litre of vinegar extra to it and then topped up the rest of the 2 litre container with water.

I don't know if the extra vinegar will do anything different, but so far so good.

I have to remember to charge my camera so I can upload a picture of the finished product.

I've been flat out with working and sick children - The Princess has just gotten over her first bout of glandular fever and now Little Man has tonsillitis.  

The poor little souls.

I can't believe the doctor actually 'prescribed' lollipops and icy poles!

No antibiotics from this doctor, thankfully.

What a lovely doctor, too. 

He spoke to my boy directly rather than through me like so many seem to do these days.

This doctor might be a 'keeper' I think.


  1. I can tell you, as a pharmacologist, taking anti biotics for tonsillitis only shortens the duration of the infection by 6 hours, so really, it's correct that doctors don't prescribe them like they did when we were little!! My guys don't like iceblocks or iceypoles, so that was never a thrill if they need something icey or hydrating, they'd eat the homemade ones i'd make, so that was cool - as you'd expect in Darwin, they went down a treat. Love Posie

  2. Thanks, Posie. He's a lot better now and we've gotten back into our routines. I'm amazed at the amount of kids at school who are sick and snotty but they're still there day after day - I wish parents would make arrangements for the poor things so they could be at home. The sick bay has been full to overflowing lately.

    We do refill little pop top drink bottles and freeze them for sore throats etc. They can sip as it defrosts and it can double as an ice-pack for hot foreheads.


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