Thursday, December 16, 2010


It's raining here at the moment.

It's been raining every day for the past couple of weeks at some stage.

Sometimes it's heavy, constant rain. Other times it's just light steady rain.

Sometimes there's lightning, thunder, sun showers with rainbows.

At times it's so quiet I can smell it before I can hear it. There are times when it's raining so heavily I can't hear the television for the rain hammering on the tin roof.

This morning it started raining at 1.45am. Big fat, steady drops of rain. I'd fallen asleep watching tv and had woken up to put the dogs out when it started raining. I felt sorry for them and let them back in again.

I got up at 6.15am and it wasn't raining so let the dogs out again. Shortly after, it rained again. Lovely light, soaking rain. The stuff you don't mind walking around in without an umbrella.

I love the smell of rain. It smells even better when it falls on freshly mown grass. Which won't happen here soon if it doesn't give the grass time to dry out between showers. If I mow now, the blades will only tear up the long grass, and it's only been a week since I mowed the paddocks.

I don't even care that the mattress protector has been on the line for 3 days now, whenever it's almost dried out, along comes another shower or rain. I really should spin it back in the washing machine and hang it on my under-cover line on the verandah, but it doesn't matter.

It's cyclone season here. The wet season. It's always raining at this time of year.

Once it stops raining, things get steamy and uncomfortable.

Thank heavens we have wide verandahs here so the windows can stay open all of the time. I love the smell of the rain the breeze brings into the house.

The frogs get excited by the rain. No matter how little falls, there they are, out in the garden chirping or croaking along merrily.

I found a website yesterday that has photos and sounds of frogs in the area. I'm being driven to distraction by our 'window' frog, littoria rubella. We call him the window frog because he lives in the window/screen frame behind our bed, as such, his call is amplified. He's very loud!

But I like him and his little friends. Shame he has such a dreadful name, rubella.

The rain brings out other frogs, too. We have a frog that lives in the downpipe on the front verandah, we call him Timothy. There are also the 'clunking' frogs, the 'sheep' frogs and the 'creek' frogs. I like the 'window sill' frogs the best, as well as the 'barra' frogs.

There are so many frogs here that at times it can be deafening - and I'm yet to identify all of those I hear.

Then there are the birds, but that's another story!


  1. You are so lucky to have a 'wet season'. I just wish it would rain here. All our tanks are dry and there is no sign of rain. I love hearing rain on a tin roof and the smell of rain, i always inhale deeply whenever it happens. Many years ago i lived in Darwin for awhile, i used to love the way the storms rolled in each afternoon, and how green and lush the rain makes everything. I have found a couple of frogs here lately, hanging out in the water resiviour of some of my pots. Will have to find out what kind of frogs they are.

  2. Thanks, Sharon. Go to the link and search for your area. Click on all of the frogs that come up and look at their picture or listen to the recording of their call if there's one there.

    Hope you do well with the rain. Who knows, there may be a cyclone heading your way that'll bring you something?

  3. Thanks, i will go on there and try to find out what our frog is. There is a big depression up north at the moment dumping rain on them, but unfortunately it wont come down this far. Thanks also for the comments on my veg garden and the ideas for eggplant, i shall give them another go. That is why i have the built up beds too, the couch grass is so invasive. I have one acre of the horrible stuff. Just be careful when you get your built up beds of snakes in them, i have been reading lots of horrible stories about them likeing the built up beds. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it!


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