Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A few of my favourite things...

My handsome 5 month old boy.

This is our second boy dog; we were given a 5 year old Wolfhound cross earlier this year. He was a big, hairy, dopey fellow, but sadly he died after being bitten by a snake. This new little fellow loves nothing more than wrestling with the girls and carrying around shoes and anything else he can get his mouth on to!

He is already as big as our 'middle' girl, who is 1 and who we got from the pound last year

I love picnics in the park, especially in a North Queensland winter.

The animals we find around our property are things we would never have likely come across in the 'burbs.

We found this poor soul floating in the dogs' water bucket. She had swallowed heaps of water and after an overnight stay at the vet, we brought her back home to discover she'd laid an egg on the drive back.

Unfortunately, I had the box upside down and the lid fell open as I was carrying her out to a lilly-pilly bush to release her close to an old nest.

I love sewing.

I love this tablecloth I made.

The colors are so pretty and brightens up our otherwise dark house. I can't wait until we repaint everything off-white.

Such pretty fabric.

This is the floral and lace false pelmet I made for my daughter's muslin bedroom curtains.


I also love the sound of the water falling in the fountain on the front porch.

I love eating mint Mini-Magnums in the afternoon - just before dinner-time. Who said dessert has to come last?

I love sitting at the computer feeling the gentle breeze of the pedestal fan on my back.

I love holding The Princess's hand as we walk along.

I love hearing the telephone ring and hearing my remaining grandmother's voice on the other end when I answer. It's a link to my childhood and reminds me of freshly made scones with jam and cream.

My favourite thing of all... life.


  1. I love the photo of your dog, he looks like a big cuddly softie, wouldn't hurt a fly type of dog. Very pretty fabric you used for your tablecloth and daughters room. I have a good sewing machine, but hardly ever use it. I am a real beginner, but i definately want to change that. Enjoy holding your daughters hand, they grow up too quick. My daughter is 13 almost 14 seems like such a long time ago since she held my hand. My son is 11 almost 12 and when it is just the two of us he will take my hand or give me lots of cuddles. I know it won't happen for too much longer, so i am savouring every moment.
    We seem to have ALS & EG gardening slowing down etc in common, but our climates and growing conditions are very different!

  2. He is, Sharon. He's a lanky, lopey puppy right now, whose back legs seem to work faster than his front ones, so he's hilarious to watch when he runs.

    I have sewn for as long as I can remember, but I tend to sew in bursts. I didn't unpack my sewing machine for a long time after I had my son. I think I was just too tired and flat out caring for two children! They grow so fast, don't they, children. Little Man can be really cuddly and lovey when it's just the two of us, so I can't complain too much. Yep, our climates are very different, but with EG and ALS you have the benefit of others who know or have more experience than you do to help out, which I love.


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