Thursday, June 10, 2010

TIred but happy

It's been a big week.

I worked on Monday, then I thought I was meant to be working on Tuesday but when I got to school I was told, no, you're not booked for today.  Someone made a muck up somewhere, but it gave me a day to myself.  I did the groceries and bought new flannel sheets for the children's beds.  Somehow they've ended up with one set each.  Don't know how that happened, but anyway.

On Wednesday I discovered that the floor tiles I had ordered for the ensuite were not able to be ordered after all.  We had the same tiles in the last house and I wanted them again for this one.  I'm really sad as I had my heart set on them.  Luckily, the border tiles for the walls had various shades on blues in them (they are those little mosaic-like tiles in a strip), so I found a similar color tile at Bunnings and ordered them instead.  They are slightly darker and more grey-ish than aqua, and aren't as glossy, but they'll have to do.  I'm sick of looking at tiles!  Now that everything is ordered for the ensuite we just have to wait for it all to arrive and then we wait for the builder/tiler/plumber etc to come in.  Later on when we've saved up more money the children's tiny bathroom will be done and then we can get the bedrooms carpeted.  

While I was at Bunnings I got a call for some more work with the same class I had on Monday.  So, this week I've been a prep teacher and it's been really fun.  At least today I didn't go home with a headache!

Tomorrow the school is having their feast day for their saint.  It's at the same school The Princess and Little Man go to, so I get paid for spending some of the day with them.  I like that!  Little Man isn't so sure, though, especially on the day I had his class for a little while while his teacher did something else.  And next week I am working all week, too.  With supply/substitute/relief teaching (call it what you will), it's often a case of feast or famine.  At the moment it's a feast and I have to make the most of it since we've got a lot of bills coming up.  I can really sympathise with The Everyday Mum right now, she is looking at going back to work.   I fall apart on the Home Front when I have a lot of work booked, but I found that at least if we are fed and clothed in clean garments, then that's all that matters.  At least with supply teaching I don't have to plan/mark/report, so that's a real blessing for me.

Well, I've got washing to hang out, dinner to warm up (I made a big stew in the slow cooker yesterday), then I've got to climb to the top shelf in the shed and get down the box with The Princess's winter clothes in it.  Hopefully I will make it up and down in one piece!  I do not like heights at all.  Then I have to start packing and preparing for the long weekend - we are going camping.  This time, though, we are taking ready-made meals (hence the stew) to heat up so we don't have to spend all of our time cooking.  Tonight I'm getting everything ready for a chicken and vegetable soup.  I will put that all in the slow cooker in the morning and then it'll be ready when I get home.  Dinner tomorrow night will be soup and toast, then the rest of it will be eaten on the weekend.  It's going to be cold inland, so sitting around a hot camp fire, eating soup and then toasting marshmallows will be lovely!  I don't drink, so marshmallows it is for me while everyone else sips warmed port.  Mmmmmmm, marshmallows....


  1. Hi Barefoot, Good to see ya keeping busy. Way to go on getting everything ordered for the ensuite make over. We will have to renovate our bathroom at some point in the future, and am not even remotely looking forward to it. I just don't have a clue where to start. Think I would like renovation rescue or home improvements to come in and give it a whirl for us.

    Hope you and your family have a lovley long weekend and enjoy the toasted marshmallows!
    Cheers, Deb

  2. Me again, that should read, hope you and your family have a lovely long weekend. So, much for my proof reading.
    Cheers, Deb

  3. Hi Deb

    We did have a lovely weekend, but interesting with some extra parties along who we've never camped with before. I guess when you go with the same people you get into a routine and just 'know' how things go. I couldn't resist NOT telling them they'd set up camp around the 'toilet tree'!

    Don't worry about your proof reading. I'm an English teacher who is fussy about spelling, but my typing is a completely different issue! Thank heaven for the edit function.

    I'm about to pop over to your page shortly.


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