Sunday, September 18, 2011

Proud Princess

an early photo from riding lessons

The Princess and I have been having riding lessons together for a couple of months now.

A couple of weeks ago we started learning jumps.

Today, The Princess competed in her first dressage event.

She is very proud to boast that she got a 2nd in dressage (walk/trot event) and an overall 3rd (dressage/chicken jump).

I didn't compete.

I went along as proud mummy and chief photo/video taker.

She is so proud of herself, even if it was in the beginner events.

Well done my girl!

We now have 2 weeks of school holidays and I'm relishing the idea of 2 weeks of not having to make school lunches and being able to stay in my pj's all day if I want to.

And cooking cakes and roasts and other things that take a long time to prepare or cook.

I'm grateful for all of the work I've been getting but being at home is much more satisfying.

Aah, love it!


  1. I hope you enjoy every day of your break. It sounds like a wonderful time! (I'm trying not to be jealous of all your tomatoes too!)

  2. Thanks, Mary. The holidays seem to fly by. It is already the start of week 2...

    Don't be too jealous of the tomatoes - the green vegetable bugs are stinging them and it's now a battle between me and the bugs :(


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